One of the best band group in amercia is Bestles, Members are Seth Sutter, Danny Sutter, Joe Kennedy, and Paul Terry. They starting in 1966, Seth making hes 2 album songs is "They Are In Danger", "Why We Dont Be Friends", release in 1988. In May 3, 1988, Danny make another album called "We Are In Armerica". Seth and Danny are the best songwriters partners¹.


In 1969, Joe and Paul make their 2 albums called "We Have The Balls To Play" and "Cans". In Febuary 2, 1969, They have a consert called "The Smooth Brothers". Their fans loved The Bestles, In May 5, 1969, 15 yr old girl Paula lost in loved with Seth Sutter. In March 5, 1969, Joe have hes album song called "Teenager's Souls", release in April 1, 1969.

In 1971, Seth, Danny and Joe make a 3 albums called "Bring Enemys", "We Can To This", and "Canes". released in May 4, 1990. Paul and Seth Sutter are make together album song called "I Got Idea", release in Apirl 23, 1971².

In 1972, Paul and Joe make a three album song together called "Get Out My Mind", "Sucks", and "Zombies Are Coming For You" will released in Febeuary 23, 1972.

In 1973, The Bestles are most popluar band group in history. Seth and Danny last album 2 songs are "Things Are Red", and "Souls" release in May 24, 1973.

Before Seth Sutter left The BestlesEdit

In 1976, Seth's last concert in May 3, 1976 for hes birthday³. Seth's last 5 albums are "My Friends", "Nope", "Why Brother Why", "Hes My Brother", and "Bye Dottie Sweet", all released in August 4, 1976.

After Seth Sutter left The BestlesEdit

Seth Sutter left The Bestles in Junuary 2, 1977, and Replace by Chris Putnum. Chris's first album song called "My Mind".

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