The Arizona Boys is american rock bands, forming in Mesa, Arizona. They are the most propler bands ever in hostry. The Arizona Boys members are Al Westbrook, Seth Rivacheg, Paul Kennedy, and Paul Kingstom. The Arizona Boys have 42 songs in each week. This band best ever. The Arizona Boys are nice/friendly band but not mean to kids or teenagers. The Arizona Boys's Fans Love Them. The Arizona Boys is boy Band. The Arizona Boys are the best. Ones of The Arizona Boys is like all of them still lived but they have theres songs.


In 1997, The Arizona Boys new songs are "Young Girl", "Do The Bop" and "At The Hop". In June 5, 1997, The Castles and The Arizona Boys makes theres songs together. Paul Kennedy have new album called "Monster Mash", relasted in 1998. The Arizona Boys and The Castles are the best group or band ever in history. In May 6, 2000, Paul Kennedy & Paul Kingstom new album called "The Lion Sleeps Together" by The Tokens. In May 12, 2000, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" relasted in July 7, 2000. The Arizona Boys is the most propler band in history. In 2001, The Arizona Boys are the frist most propler band.


Current MembersEdit

Al Westbrook

Seth Rivacheg

Paul Kennedy

Paul Kingstom

Pass MembersEdit

Denny Paul

Seth Sutter

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